How to Maximise Your Manuka Honey

The benefits of Manuka Honey have been celebrated for centuries. In fact it was the indigenous people of New Zealand, the home of Egmont Manuka Honey, who, thousands of years ago, first recognised its healing properties. Today it is appreciated all over the world, with Egmont Honey sold across Asia and Europe.

There are many ways to enjoy Manuka Honey, so we wanted to share our top tips for making the most of Egmont Manuka Honey.

Eat Manuka Honey it straight from the spoon

The potency of your Manuka Honey will depend on the MGO rating – the higher the rating, the stronger your Manuka Honey will be. If you’re using a Manuka Honey with an MGO of 70+ (or above), then it’s recommended to enjoy straight from the spoon. Simply sip the honey from a teaspoon and repeat several times a day for an easy way to enjoy your Manuka Honey.


Mix Manuka Honey it into a warming drink

Egmont Manuka Honey can be mixed with warm water and lemon for an ideal way to help provide some soothing release.


Stir Manuka Honey into a smoothie

Adding a natural sweetness, Manuka Honey can be blended into your favourite smoothie recipe for a delicious, yet quick and easy energising to drink to enjoy anytime.


Smear Manuka Honey onto skin

Manuka Honey may help aid any issues you might be experiencing with your skin, including treating acne, eczema and other skin disorders. Alternatively, it can be a good way to keep skin moisturised. If using on your skin, apply the Manuka Honey directly to any specific sore spots you may be experiencing or simply spread as an even layer across your face.


Use Manuka Honey as part of a DIY facemask

DIY facemasks continue to be abuzz in the beauty community, with Manuka Honey being a favourite ingredient, due to its reported cleansing and soothing properties.