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Article: Manuka Honey makers: The Beekeepers

Manuka Honey Farmer

Manuka Honey makers: The Beekeepers

The ongoing success of Egmont Honey is only possible with the help of some of our friends, and we’d like to introduce you to one of them.

Farmer Chris Frewin is one of our longest standing partners. Chris has farmed in the Waitotara Valley in South Taranaki for 45 years, farming sheep and cattle.

A neighbour of the Annabell family, Chris works alongside Egmont to place hives into the remote areas of the Frewin farm – meaning we can take advantage of the Manuka flowering during warmers months. It’s been a bit of a change.

As Chris says: “I spent my whole life cutting Manuka so we could farm the sheep and cattle, and now we’re planting it!”

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Manuka Honey maker

Manuka Honey makers: The honey maker

The quality of our honey is very important, so it’s vital that our team care about it as much as we do. Honey maker Jason Biggs has been in the honey industry for over 25 years, and ensures that al...

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Manuka Honey and Lemon Tea

Wellness Made Easy

New research showing honey can be more effective at relieving the symptoms of coughs than other treatments, including antibiotics

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